Bad Pillow Choices

The wrong pillow could be causing Territorians a painful nights sleep

Thousands of Territorians could be needlessly suffering from disrupted sleep due to bad pillow choices at bedtime. It is our experience that using the wrong pillow is a common cause of neck and back pain and can have a significant impact on both the quality and duration of sleep.

People rarely give much thought to the pillows that they use, focusing almost entirely on the bed. However, if the neck is not supported properly when sleeping it can cause a whole range of problems from neck pain to upper and lower back discomfort, headaches, shoulder and arm pain and restlessness.

It is important to choose a pillow that is of a shape and material that suits your sleeping position. A contour pillow, which most Chiropractors advise, has a contour shape which allows the neck and head to be supported, whether the patient is sleeping on their side or their back. This encourages the natural alignment of the spine by providing even support. These pillows are commonly made of foam or latex which shapes to your head and neck and gives your spine support.

One of the other mistakes people make is that they keep the same old pillow for years. Pillows do wear out and need to be replaced eventually, just like your bed. As a general rule a quality pillow should last about 2-3 years before it starts to lose its supportive properties.

Each week approximately 200,000 Australians utilise Chiropractic care. Many of these patients advise their Chiropractors that they sleep much better after receiving proper spinal care.

So if you are searching for a good night’s sleep, discover for yourself why there’s so much more to chiropractic, see a CAA NT Chiropractor today.

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