SPINAL HEALTH WEEK 2016. Back Your Inner Athlete

May 31st, 2016|

This month the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia is using this year’s Spinal Health Week, held between the 23rd-29th of May, to remind all Australians that they don’t have to be sporting professionals to achieve peak performance. The main message that we as a profession are focussing on is that everyone [...]

How I Roll

January 19th, 2016|

  I’ve discovered over the years especially before and after a gym workout that people will commonly use a foam roller to self-massage. This apparently has benefits to the individual and seems to be a way a person will manage muscle soreness pre and post workout. I’ve always been a [...]


October 12th, 2015|

Last month I was part of a rehabilitation panel at the Safety institute of Australia conference in Darwin. Whenever I’m involved in a return to work case one of the major aspects of the patients care that I tend to focus on is ergonomics. Ergonomics is a very important aspect [...]


August 9th, 2015|

Cycling completely changes the weight distribution through your muscles and spine, and also bends the spine into an unnatural position. The neck in particular must compensate so that you can see where you are going. In a poor riding position this can be quite extreme; like standing and staring up [...]

National Spinal Week, “get you happy back”

June 5th, 2015|

National Spinal Health Week ran from the 25th to 31st of May and this year the CAANT were encouraging people to ‘Get Their Happy Back’. Every day more Australians experience low back pain, neck pain and headaches, limiting their ability to work and engage in an active healthy life. One [...]