Killer Heels

As we approach Fashion Week I thought I’d discuss a recent CAA NSW media release that I was interviewed about in the NT News.

Without putting a downer on certain types of apparel, a new survey by Chiropractors in NSW has revealed that some people are risking physical injuries due to fashion choices.

The survey found that on average chiropractors in NSW can see 10 to 15 patients per week with problems caused by fashionable clothing and accessories. From personal experience these numbers are similar in local Darwin clinics as well.

By far the most implicated fashion accessory was high heels. Over 65 per cent of Chiropractors in NSW listed them as their number one concern, leading to lower back pain, knee problems, unpleasant bunions and in some cases foot and ankle sprains.

In this case high heels throw the centre of gravity forward, causing you to lean backwards to keep from falling face first. This overcompensation often leads to low back pain, while instability through the ankle can put additional strain on the knees and hips. In Darwin, even though plenty of ladies are wearing high heels, they generally don’t walk as far in them when compared to our counterparts in bigger cities. Even if you do wear heels to work, and may walk to the office or to get lunch, local Darwin citizens tend not to have to walk as far and tend not to commute on public transport for as long. This reduces the time spent standing or walking in heels and tends to create less problems.

So the problem isn’t just the heels, but the length of time spent in heels. Commonly local Chiropractors tend to see patients with high heel related problems after a special event. This is common after a big night out on the town, especially dancing or if you are attending a function like a wedding or a ball.

So if you like high heels, just wear them, they do look good, but if you intend to spend many hours at a time in them don’t be surprised if you suffer from discomfort in your legs or back for a couple of days after. Like always, if your pain persists beyond a few days see a local CAA NT Chiropractor.

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