Help for Expectant Mothers

//Help for Expectant Mothers

Thousands of expectant mothers who know all about the joy and pain of pregnancy visit CAA member Chiropractors every day in the Northern Territory for their expert advice.

Nurturing your unborn child is usually the priority for most expectant mothers, but the demands of new motherhood sometimes make it hard to remember to nurture yourself.

During pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes a variety of physiological and hormonal changes as the baby inside her womb starts to develop. Subsequently it is common for mothers to experience discomfort due to these many changes that are taking place in her body, to accommodate the baby growing inside. These changes can cause sprains and strains on the ligaments, muscles and joints in the spine. This is due to the increase in the levels of the hormone relaxin (causes relaxation of muscles and ligaments), increased weight gain and changes in weight distribution. During pregnancy, these postural changes can be monitored and chiropractic care can help to correct these spinal misalignments and re-establish pelvic balance to relieve pressure.

Pregnant mothers may often present with lower back pain during the later stages of pregnancy, and this is a common complaint for those seeking chiropractic care, at least initially.

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