Do you want more mobility?

//Do you want more mobility?

Our profession is always on the lookout for quality evidence based research to help explain how Chiropractic helps people with a variety of symptoms. This month I found an informative article about how spinal manipulation can help to increase the quality and quantity of spinal movement. In essence Chiropractors focus on how we can increase movement in the spine and how this increased mobility helps patients move and feel better. Normally a joint that moves well is a joint that feels good and a joint that seizes over time is usually sore. This not only affects the specific area that has become injured but also tends to affect more distant parts of the body.

In Denmark researchers grouped 199 people with low back pain of more than six weeks duration and placed them into 3 groups, one that received spinal manipulation, the second received supervised back exercises and the third was given take home exercises and advice.

The researchers found that after 12 weeks of care, when they compared the results of all 3 groups, the group that received spinal manipulation improved significantly in all 6 different types of movement where the exercise groups improved in only 3 of the different movements tested. In addition the spinal manipulation group had a smoother motion pattern than the exercises groups, meaning they were less jerky when they moved into these different directions.

These kinds of results help to demonstrate the significant improvements in mobility that can be achieved with spinal manipulation, which is the mainstay of Chiropractic practice. Chiropractors are far more than just good spinal manipulators, however important research such as this helps explain why Chiropractic can help increase the mobility of the general population.

Whether you are young or old, sporty or leisurely Chiropractic can help to increase your mobility and reduce spinal pain and associated symptoms. Chiropractors use a variety of different styles of manipulation to improve your mobility, ranging from manual techniques to special instruments or benches to achieve the movement required. Find a Chiropractic Association Chiropractor who suits your needs and works in a style that suits you.

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