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  • Marc Cova and Adriana Arango

Before looking for a headache remedy, we need to understand the origin of the headache. Spinal adjustments performed by a one of our Darwin Chiropractors may decrease the severity and frequency of headaches. This is because a significant percentage of headaches are caused by irritation to structures at the top of the neck and the base of the skull. Poor posture or injury can sprain you neck joints and create irritation to surrounding structures including nerves, these nerves commonly send painful signals to the muscles surrounding the neck and cause a headache. The spinal adjustments performed by our Darwin Chiropractors increase movement through affected joints, this loosens the spine and consequently reduces the irritation to the surrounding nerves. Our chiropractor’s ability to perform these adjustments lessens the forces contributing to headache pain.

There are several types of headaches; including tension, migraine and cervicogenic, fortunately Chiropractic care can reduce the intensity, severity and frequency of all these different types . Not all headaches are cause by spinal sprain and irritation, sometimes the cause may be nutritional, stress, allergies, hormonal change, or poor sleep habits. Our Chiropractors in Darwin are well trained and experienced in identifying the cause and getting to the root of the problem.