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At Insight Chiropractic Darwin we believe that your health concerns are of paramount importance. However, we also believe that the environment we provide for you in which to address these concerns, is just as important. This encompasses the practice décor through to the rapport you build with our staff and practitioners. We value that you have chosen Insight Chiropractic as one of your health care providers and we will endeavour to make sure your experience with us is a positive one from day one.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed by one of our friendly team who will instruct you to fill out a questionnaire that will assist your Chiropractor in making important decisions about your Chiropractic care. You will also be shown a short 4 minute DVD that explains Chiropractic to you and how it can play an important role in your health and wellbeing.

Your Chiropractor will then take you through and perform a thorough history and examination followed by a treatment tailored to address your health concerns. We do not X-ray routinely and will only suggest an X-ray if we consider it important for your care.

The initial consultationt will take approximately 30-50 minutes depending on the complexity of your case.
A follow up appointment will be made within a week so that we can see how you responded to your Chiropractic care. Based on this as well as other factors like:

  • Age
  • Presenting condition
  • Length of time you have had the condition for
  • Xray findings if applicable
  • Examination findings
  • Response to first treatment

We can then give you our recommendations for any follow up care. What you choose to do from this point on is entirely up to you. We are here to provide our professional opinion and to help you achieve optimal wellbeing. We are happy to answer your questions and concerns at any time.