SPINAL HEALTH WEEK 2016. Back Your Inner Athlete

This month the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia is using this year’s Spinal Health Week, held between the 23rd-29th of May, to remind all Australians that they don’t have to be sporting professionals to achieve peak [...]

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Headache and Manipulation

Recently I found a research paper conducted by a group of physiotherapists in America which compared the effectiveness of manipulation versus mobilisation and exercise for treatment of headache amongst a group of 110 people. The [...]

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Teens and Technology.

For this month’s column I found an interesting article online about spinal pain in adolescents and its relation to computer and tablet usage. This study was performed in Brazil, a country which due to government [...]

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How I Roll

  I’ve discovered over the years especially before and after a gym workout that people will commonly use a foam roller to self-massage. This apparently has benefits to the individual and seems to be a [...]

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Acupuncture for Pain

This month I’ll turn my attention to an article I found online researching the effects of acupuncture for the treatment of stomach pain. Even though this article focused on acupuncture, the results of this study [...]

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